Media units, office furniture, doors, windows, alcove units, fitted wardrobes, complete bedrooms 


Custom furniture that is made to your specifications by request. This is about your dreams for unique furniture and personal living spaces that reflect exactly who you are.

Why not use your ability to choose what you want and design it yourself when it comes to furniture in your home? 


ABM Joinery delivers bespoke, home office fitted furniture to perfectly meet your requirements, style, and functionality, ensuring optimum comfort levels. Our furniture designs allow you to feel at home and at same time you will have all the efficiency and practical uses of an office.

An office workspace is a place where you should enjoy working and it helps you keep organised and calm. 

I will spend time with you to understand exactly how you want to use your home office space so that you can maximise it's efficiency.


Usually, my clients are looking for such things as bespoke bookshelves or made to measure floating shelves to fit in the style of their home, be it traditional or contemporary.

Some households may have someone studying for exams and it could be that they prefer a desk to be fitted with made to measure floating shelves above it to store coursework books.
When discussing your book storage and display options with you, I take all such factors, including the size of your books.


ABM Joinery will help you make maximum use of the space in your lounge, while enhancing its features.

The type of furnishings you will want in your alcove will depend on the use you make of it. If you wish to use it for storage we can design bespoke alcove cabinets.

There is so much that can be done with an alcove; it is an ideal spot for the TV or an audio system, to name a few.

We also help you create the look you want within the lounge by making the best use of the space within the alcove.


All my built in wardrobes are hand made by myself ; none of my products are mass produced. In order to manufacture made to measure fitted wardrobes  first discuss your specific requirements and design with client.

There is a wide variety of bespoke wardrobes available and we will be delighted to design the solution that best suits you. One option may be a fitted wardrobe with fitted desk and floating shelves alongside.

One option may be a fitted wardrobe with fitted desk and floating shelves alongside. Fitted wardrobes with mirrored doors and drawers are also very popular, maximising the capacity for storage.

We could fit extra doors above the unit or if the ceiling is really high, create convenient pull-down rails to hang your clothes.